Friday leads to Sunday

Posted in Devotions on March 24, 2009 by Pastor Scott Shoffner

The message in the video is amazing.  The video uses scenes from the Passion.  This will excite you for Easter Morning.

Sunday’s Coming!!


“Church or NOT to Church”

Posted in Q & A on March 24, 2009 by Pastor Scott Shoffner

Do American Evangelicals truly go to church? 

Does America have a yearning and hunger for the Word of God today? 

Do Amer. Evang. expect to hear the Word at church today or do they expect Church to excite their emotions or tickle their ears?

All are valid questions.  In a recent poll used in a sermon by a pastor, 25% of America’s Evangelicals believe in the return of Christ, the Second Advent.

This is shocking since 323 verses deal with the coming of Christ.  109 verses deal with Jesus’ first coming and 214 are associated with his Second Coming.  What does this say about our belief in the Word of God?

People want to be pumped up and puffed up at church, but it maybe they do not want to hear the Word of God proclaimed and preached.  Maybe they would rather hear encouraging and enticing things than to hear words that convict and condemn actions not befitting of a Christian.

Is church designed to make us fill good or is it designed to lift up our Lord and his glory?

How do churches, pastors, and members counter this trend?  What are your opinions?

There is hope, there is always hope.  (YES or NO)

Your Thoughts.

Women and the Ministry

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What is your thought on the discussion from Bro. Voddie and the womn “clergy person?”

This will casue you to witness!

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